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New Perfumes (15)

VICTORIOSO VICTORY (Inspired by Invictus Victory)


L'OUDH (Inspired by Dior - Leather Oud)


MINERVA (Inspired by Memo Paris - Marfa)


EXCLSUIF ROSE (Inspired by CH - Burning Rose)


SALVO (Inspired by Dior - Sauvage)


MY PARTY (Inspired by YSL - Mon Paris)


LA VOIE (Inspired by Armani - My Way)


TABAC (Inspired by Dior - Tobacolor)


ROSE OUD (Inspired by Dior)


THE TRAIL (Inspired by Gucci)


BRULANT OUD (Inspired by Amouage)


LEYDEN (Inspired by Parfums de Marly)


PURPLE WOOD (Inspired by Dior - Purple Oud)


THE TUX (Inspired by YSL Tuxedo)


CASSIUS (Inspired by Parfums de Marly)